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Fluid flow and Thermal Phenomena in Emerging Cooling Technologies

DOI: 10.1615/THMT-18.30
pages 41-61

Jader R. Barbosa, Jr.
Polo Research Laboratories for Emerging Technologies in Cooling and Thermophysics, Federal University of Santa Catarina 88040-900, Trindade, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil


This review focuses on some multiphase flow and heat transfer aspects of current and emerging applications of mechanical vapor compression cooling. With an increasing need for thermodynamically efficient and environmentally safe devices and processes, design methods for cooling system components are expected to rely more heavily on a fundamental knowledge of thermal non-equilibrium phenomena, thus requiring a larger body of dedicated experiments and first-principles modelling. Here, four basic problems have been chosen to illustrate some recent developments in small capacity refrigeration systems. The first two examples are related to the role of the lubricating oil on the transient (on-off cycling) behaviour of hermetic compressors. The phenomena of onset of natural mass convection (absorption) and foam formation (desorption) are discussed in detail. The third example deals with an investigation of the interfacial wave pattern in condensation of refrigerants in vertical and inclined tubes and its relation to the phenomena of flow reversal and counter-current flow limitation. Lastly, recent results are presented on the development of jet- and spray-based heat sinks for cooling of concentrated heat loads (e.g., cooling of electronics) and their integration with a small scale oil-free compressor.

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